The main purpose of ATS is to provide appropriate service to air traffic within that airspace for which a respective ATS unit is responsible. Air Traffic Services (ATS) consist of:


Air Traffic Control ATC Service

The service provided for the purpose of preventing collision between aircraft, and on the manoeuvring area between aircraft and obstructions on that area, and expediting and maintaining a safe and orderly flow of air traffic. ATC may be provided by:

  • Aerodrome Controller:  Responsible for controlling air traffic within that airspace he/she responsible for (Control Zone (CTR) or Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ)) and maintaining as far as practicable, a continuous watch on all visible operations on and in the vicinity of an aerodrome, including vehicles and personnel on the manoeuvring area and carrying out airfield and facility inspections as required.
  • Approach Controller: Responsible for providing ATC service to controlled flights of aircraft arriving at or departing from one or more airports within the Terminal Control Area (TMA). Approach Controllers do not see aircraft in the air, but use procedures or follow them on their radar system displays.
  • Area Controller: Responsible for providing ATC service to controlled flights within the Namibian airspace, also known as the Windhoek Flight Information Region (FIR) between 14500 feet and 46000 feet. Like Approach Controllers, Area Controllers use procedures to control aircraft or follow them on their radar system displays.


Flight Information Services (FIS)

FIS is provided to all aircraft which are likely to be affected by such information and which are provided with ATC service, or are otherwise known to the relevant ATS unit known as the Flight Information Centre (FIC). FIS is provided to air traffic which is operating between 1 500 Feet (above ground level) and 14 500 Feet within Windhoek FIR, but outside the TMAs and CTRs/ATZs.


Alerting Service

Alerting service is provided to all aircraft provided with ATC service, in so far as practicable, to all other aircraft having filed a flight plan or otherwise known to the Air Traffic Services, and to any aircraft known or believed to be the subject of unlawful interference.




Our Organisation

The Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) conducts the safety and security regulation of civil air operations in Namibia’s airspace, as well as provides air navigational services to all airspace users. Visit us at:

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