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The Namibian regulatory environment is a result of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation 1944, to which Namibia is a signatory. This requires Namibia to establish and maintain - to the highest practicable degree - compliance with global standards as established by ICAO. The strength and effectiveness of the international civil aviation system relies on the setting of, and adherence to, these global standards.

The NCAA through the Compliance and Regulatory Risk department actively continues to ensure that Namibia complies with the minimum international standards and recommended practises (SARPS) through ICAO’s 19 Annexes and which it is expected to incorporate in its national legislative framework. A benefit to Namibia for being part of the international civil aviation community is the regular ICAO monitoring of Namibia’s compliance through two audit programmes, namely the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) & the Universal Security Audit Program (USAP). The state of Namibia as a whole strives to meet the Namibian National Development Plan (NDP 5) Targets as set out The Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) is the 5th NDP in the series of a total of seven (7) National Development Plans that are to implement and achieve the objectives and aspirations of Namibia's long term vision (Vision 2030). In sequence, NDP5 will be the third five-year implementation vehicle towards VISION 2030. NDP5 will be implemented from the financial year 2017/18 up until 2021/22. In the Economic progression plan – transport and logistics the target has been set as the desired outcome indicators and targets.

It is against this back background that the CRR department provides an analysis of options to implement a risk-based approach to aviation safety regulations to ensure that Namibia complies with its international obligations and best practises.


Risks and Mitigation Actions of the NCAA CRR

  1.  It is the duty of the NCAA to ensure compliance to international, continental, regional and local civil aviation regulations.
  2. Review, update and communicate the regulatory applicable amendments as well as new SARPs.
  3. To prepare the State of Namibia for ICAO Audit activities through regular monitoring as well as internal analysis of the Namibian Regulatory Compliance Mechanism.


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